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Sie haben Fragen? Vielleicht finden Sie die Antwort gleich hier. Für alle weiteren Fragen steht Ihnen unser Team gerne zur Seite.

How can I pay?

In principle, payment for consumption is made in euros. We rely on: + Cash: Banknotes up to €200 + Debit and credit cards: Maestro, Mastercard & Visa + Vouchers: Möslinger voucher & AMA GenussVoucher Consumption on account (transfer)? Basically no, payment for consumption is due immediately. In consultation with companies with whom we have already had a long-term business relationship, we offer the option of paying on account via bank transfer. A company headquarters in Austria and a valid UID are mandatory.

Who is allowed into the Gasthaus Möslinger?

You are welcome to us! We don't care who you are, where you come from, what you believe in, what you do or who you do something with. You are a guest in our house and have to behave like that. People who are heavily intoxicated and have personalities that do not correspond to our openness should please choose another destination. Our team is entitled to refuse your access.

What are the opening times?

Opening times & kitchen times The general opening times can be found at the bottom of the website and on the general notices. Different opening times apply for Sundays, public holidays and gourmet brunch. Unless otherwise stated, curfew is 11 p.m. (also for groups). Our team will announce the last round in good time or ask for the bill to be paid. In principle, cooking takes place continuously from 12 p.m. We reserve the right to close both the inn and our kitchen early, depending on capacity. We ask for your understanding.

What food and drinks are available?

Food and drink offerings Our offer is very regional and seasonal. In addition to our main menu (food & drinks available all year round), we also offer promotional weeks (e.g. WildWochen, GanslWochen, ...). Action weeks usually start in the evening. We offer meals in different portion sizes and price ranges. Our menus are available in German and English. We do not offer a separate "children's menu" or dishes outside of our menus unless they are advertised separately.

I have allergies and special requests

Allergens & special requests Allergens are listed on all food and drink menus. Please contact our team to discuss possible avoidance of allergens (e.g. by exchanging supplements). We also label the origin of our ingredients. Our offer includes food and drinks from Austria (with individual exceptions). We offer wines both by the glass and by the bottle (tempered). For beer lovers, 9 freshly tapped beers as well as specialty beers in bottles are available. We allow us to invoice special requests if they are feasible for us.

Is there a reservation requirement?

We recommend making a reservation. Please use online reservations so that we can make the best possible use of our team. During opening hours you can of course also make a reservation by telephone (you are required to provide your first and last name and a telephone number). You can reserve your visit with up to 20 people online. Do you have something to celebrate? Then please use the group request form.

I want to sit in the desired area

My table and I want! We ask for your understanding that the placement (or seating) depends heavily on the occupancy and the existing reservations and reserve the right to change an already confirmed placement (if necessary with table number). We strive to fulfill your wishes. There is no entitlement to a specific placement. Basically, the earlier the better.

Who can I bring with me?

Who can I bring with me? Oh everyone! In principle, we only serve minors when accompanied by an adult. In the restaurant, seating is reserved for people. There are 3 children's chairs available in the restaurant. You are also welcome to bring your dog with you (please refrain from bringing other animal companions). In the restaurant, muzzles are mandatory and care must be taken to ensure that there is no hindrance or harassment to our team or other people. Does your “favorite” absolutely have to sit on the bench or armchair? You are welcome to do this at home. We also offer almost all dishes to take away.

Do you have a handicap?

Your handicap and stuff Both our entrance (via ramp) and access to the tables are wheelchair accessible. Our toilets are not wheelchair accessible and have doors that are 80cm wide. Otherwise, nothing stands in the way of a visit to the Gasthaus Möslinger. Please provide this information when making your reservation in order to find the best possible placement.

Do you have a lunch menu?

We don't have a lunch menu. But a lunch plate. On weekdays from Wednesday to Friday, our team prepares food for lunch in the kitchen. The lunch plate is available from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. or while stocks last. Our lunch plate is also available to take away.

The sound makes the music!

Respect and politeness is the motto. Please wait until our team brings you to the table. Treat our team like a good friend, not like an evil mother-in-law. The words “please” and “thank you” are considered good form for us. If necessary, make yourself noticeable to our team with eye contact, hand signals or polite speech.

What is a group reservation?

If you have 13 or more people, your reservation is considered a group. You can seat up to 50 people in one area (e.g. in the hall), separated from the rest of the events. Reservations are required for groups and must be coordinated with the restaurant management.

Restaurant Moeslinger

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