No-show fees for reservations of 6 people or more


If you have any questions about your reservation, we will be happy to answer your questions by telephone during our opening hours. You can also inform us by email by replying directly to the confirmation of your reservation. Please note, however, that requests for changes must be announced no later than 2 hours (for group reservations, no later than 2 days) before the start of the reservation. For RESERVATIONS OF 6 PERSONS or more, the following regulation now applies: If the number of people announced during the reservation is not changed by the time of arrival at the inn (two days in advance for group reservations), it is considered fixed. If fewer people show up than were reserved, we will charge a no-show fee of €30 per missing person. In the case of split billing, the reservation contact bears these costs. Why do we have to go this route? We are increasingly confronted with different numbers of people making reservations. We prepare for each reservation and choose the best possible placement. Planning is essential, especially when it comes to table groups. If a group does not appear in the specified size, “the prepared table” may no longer be suitable. This is particularly problematic when entire tables remain unused and cannot be reused. We are missing out on the opportunity to receive more guests. Then a “sales replacement” is unavoidable. However, if the number of people is corrected in advance, we can usually respond. We therefore have the option of changing the placement in order to be able to accept additional guests. Then there will be no “damage”, neither for the guest nor for us.

Restaurant Moeslinger

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