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Gasthaus Möslinger im Stuwerviertel | Restaurant in 1020 Wien
Discover traditional and excellent austrian kitchen Our products are sourced from Austria
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  • Family business in 2nd generation
  • Non-smoking restaurant

The Möslinger Inn in Vienna 1020 A traditional Viennese restaurant with Waldviertel‘s specialties

On 1. January 2018 we, Roman and Richard Taudes, took over the Möslinger Restaurant. We are very proud to be able to continue our family business after 28 years in the second generation.

It was essential for us to continue what was already there!

We did allow ourselves some minor changes, however, we cherish the old style of the Möslinger Restaurant – traditionally Austrian, conciously Viennese with a strong Waldviertel‘s influence!

We are happy to have you very soon!

Affectionately yours, Roman & Richard

Our Restaurant Outside
Our Restaurant Outside
Nöm-Frischebotschafter in Vienna
Nöm-Frischebotschafter in Vienna

A Viennese restaurant with a special flair in 1020 Wien

Welcome at the Möslinger Restaurant! The rustic ambience, as charming as ever, the Austrian kitchen – super tasty and the beer is delicious! We are very happy to have you at our Viennese restaurant in 1020 Wien.

At all times an inn has been a place to connect and to relax. Shut out the city rush, enjoy a well-earned freshly tapped beer or just unleash your inner foody! 

We prepare our food nearly to 100 percent with regional products, mainly directly from the Waldviertel. Are you looking for a cosy place for your lunch break? Then take a look at our lunch menue!

Party in Vienna Style? There you go!

For large groups we also have suitable rooms and offers. The team of our restaurant will happily assist you with the planning of the menue for your event.

Give us a call or visit us very soon!

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