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Gasthaus Möslinger im Stuwerviertel | Restaurant in 1020 Wien


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Celebrations and groups

You have something to celebrate, we have the premises. Whether for 20, 70 or more than 100 people our guest house offers a cozy setting and the culinary know-how for your guests.

For private or business events

Whether Grandma 70s, the sponsorship or the Christmas party, there are different reasons why our guests should be together and spend a nice time together.

But in any case, the right partner is crucial. For more than 25 years large events have regularly taken place at the Gasthaus Möslinger.

You know when, why and with how many Persan do you want to come?
Great! The rest are just small details that we should discuss.

Small details on the edge could be:

  • We decide together whether a fixed menu (with several courses) for all served, whether you want a small but fine selection of our most popular dishes or order a la carte. Maybe a buffet would be interesting. This depends heavily on the number of guests, after all, you do not want some guests to be already busy with the dessert while others are still spooned at the soup.
  • Of course, we also offer vegetarian alternatives and take consideration of allergies and intolerances. Because we know how and what is processed with us.
  • Is there a color scheme for your event? And should these colors be found on the covered tables? This is about table runners, candles, napkins etc.
  • Do you have an idea how the guests should sit, how the tables should stand? U-board, L-board, etc.
  • bring a musician?
  • Do you want certain flowers, bouquets or flower arrangements? No problem, we have 1 minute from the guest house a competent contact for all floral things.
  • Will everything be on a bill or pay the guests themselves?
  • Maybe you have other ideas or wishes

We would be happy to make you an individual offer for your celebration!
Contact us!

Tavel agencies or buses

Are you a  travel agent and are looking for partners for your guests?
Whether lunch or dinner, you are in the right place!

Although we do not have our own car park, but we have an exit for buses/coaches in front of the restaurant. Parking is possible at the Pratergarage, about 3 minutes driving time, also for buses.

For travel groups and buses the time factor is often decisive. In the run-up, we decide together which food should be offered. Guests can choose the dishes they prefer. In the meantime, our team is starting with the preparations.

After your guests have arrived, all drinks were taken into consideration, it can also start.

We would be glad to provide you with a personal offer tailored to your needs.

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